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  • UNC List Server Policies

    All items covered under the Onyen Policy apply to the UNC-CH List Server (including its lists and subscribers). The following policies are additions that are specific to the UNC-CH List Server.


    Backups of list membership, settings, and archives (if any) are retained for thirty (30) days.


    ITS deletes lists that remain dormant for a period of thirteen months, contain no members, contain only single members, or are being used to promote commercial organizations, without any notification. In the last case, the list owner's Onyen services may also be suspended.

    Subscriber Limits

    Open and Closed listservs have a maximum subscriber limit of 250 members. Course listservs are exempt from this cap. If you need more than 250 subscribers on your listserv, the ITS Response Center will remove the cap for you.


    Lists may be renamed at ITS's discretion for the following reasons:

    1. The list name represents a University Department, Organization, or Academic Course with which the list owner is not affiliated.
    2. The list name uses inappropriate language.
    3. The list name contains non-alphanumeric characters that may interfere with mail handling.

    Otherwise, list names may be recycled when they become available.


    Lists on the UNC List Server must be owned by a current UNC affiliate. A list owner must both have a valid Onyen, and have an administrative e-mail address that ends in 'unc.edu'.


    • Lists with non-UNC subscribers must use subscription confirmations.
    • List subscriptions cannot be enforced.
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